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Host Name in PublishAMQP

James McMahon
Has anyone set the PublishAMQP Host Name in a configuration where the AMQP broker is accessed through an AWS Load Balancer in a private VPC subnet?

I have a workflow that was prototyped and tested in a simple configuration: RabbitMQ and NiFi co-hosted on the same EC2 instance. Host Name of localhost in PublishAMQP was/is perfectly acceptable to allow NiFi to publish to AMQP broker.

Now we are going to host the AMQP broker and the NiFi instance on different EC2 instances, and both of those will be in an AWS private VPC subnet. A fairly common configuration for this entails putting the servers behind a load balancer.

How does one reference the network address in PublishAMQP in such a configuration? I don't believe it is correct to use the IP address of the AMQP host in Host Name. Will PublishAMQP work correctly using the public IP address of the load balancer? What is PublishAMQP expecting in circumstances where there is a proxy between it and the AMQP broker?  

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone who has conquered this in PublishAMQP. -Jim