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James Farrington
Hello All,

I am trying to get a performance benchmark for what size load my server can handle. Currently we are running 3 nodes each with the following configuration: 4 CPUs, 30.5GB RAM, and 80GB SSD.

Additionally, we are currently using an example XML file from online (attached).

First off, would anyone have a good idea of a sample load profile that would give a good baseline of how much my setup can handle? Secondly, would anyone suggest a different XML file to use for a bench marking test (this one was just found online).

In my search thus far I have not found any documentation on an example load profile for a given configuration, so it would perhaps be helpful to others in the future to have this formally documented. As well as adding a good sample XML file for getting some benchmark data.

Any advice would be great!


Lab1-NiFi-Learn-Ropes.xml (55K) Download Attachment